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XML To JSON Converter

A small XML converter that I wrote.

Setting Up Xcode for Maya

Teaches how to setup XCode for Maya 2014 and 2015.

Fixing Homebrew

Fixing homebrew installation

pyOSX Permissions

Mass unlocking files

/etc/paths correct setup order for using homebrew Python on OS X

Fixing homebrew installation paths

Skip Autosave Notifications in Modo

Skip the annoying notifications FOREVER.

Fresh Modo

Cleaning out Modo Preferences with one click.

Maya: Drop Your Clusters

Just a quick tip on clusters in Maya.

Creating A Scripting Kit Inside of Modo

A video showing how to make a basic kit in modo for scripting.

Maya Color Code List

A diagram showing some of Maya's colors and their corresponding digits.

Converting a UI file to a Python File

A lengthy tutorial on going from a UI file to a pyuic file.

Ribbon Spine

A lengthy tutorial on how to set up a ribbon spine for a character.

Getting Sublime Text To Work With Maya

A length tutorial on getting Sublime to connect and send scripts to Maya.

Getting Started Scripting In Modo

A repost from the old website, so a little older. Still, a decent introduction in Modo.

I was bored and I feel yucky, so I decided to write something.

Writing to Maya's output window.

Creating A Quick Smile SDK

Short video for keying a smile SDK.

Making sure joint orientations are correct.

A quick note on the importance of joint orientations.

Nodetypes in Maya

List of Maya nodetypes

Just a test

Nothing important here, just testing Google Analytics Push